Wedding gown preservation

At Heart to Heart Bridal we always recommend getting your wedding dress cleaned and preserved right after your wedding. If you plan on getting your gown preserved, you can have a great time and party the night away without any worries of ruining your dress. The sooner you get your dress cleaned and preserved, the more likely the stains are to be removed. The full price of gown preservation and cleaning is $250, but our Heart to Heart Brides get a $25 discount! The best part is, we do all the work for you! Just drop your dress off and we will get it boxed up for you. Cleaning and preserving a wedding dress typically takes 1-2 months. When the dress comes back we just ask that it is picked up as quickly as possible and then you can store it easily in a closet or under a bed and it will be in pristine condition if you ever have a daughter that might be interested in wearing it!